Desert Tileset

Hello everyone. Now the tile set for desert is finally done, much apologize for the late release.

And here is the tileset:

Desert TileA5desert A5Desert TileB

desert B

Here is some example map:




This Tile set was designed to work best with tall sprite such as Rpg Maker XP sprite. But it can be used by sprite from other makers as well.


Desert map [WIP]

Hello everyone, Sorry for long pause I’m not dead yet, I didn’t feel very well this past few days. But don’t worry I still developing a tileset. And here is the mockup of tileset that I have done.

MapLot of things I added since last time.I changed the sand texture, add some building, add tree, add dead skeleton (the skeleton is now dead). But of course this is still work in progress, it will come soon, hopefully. 🙂
Here’s reference I use for houses. Image from the amazing concept artist name Yong. He has lot of images so scroll down his page.