Animated Battler for Celestial Faith

Hello everyone these are animated battler that i created for JRpg called Celestial Faith: Elythia’s Curse

You can follow the games in here


Pixel Art Asset Pack

Bring your games to life with seasonal theme. There are 3 season included: spring/summer, autumn and winter.

  • A character sprites, walking and running animation
  • A “naked” sprite template for artist.
  • Various animated object
  • A map sample game made by RPG Maker MV

This pack is designed to work best on RPG Maker MV. However, you can also use it on any game engine or for any tools.

You can find This pack here

Working On The Game

Hello everyone! Good morning, afternoon, evening wherever you are. Today I’m going to show you a screenshot of a game. The game is called You Are Not The Hero by Morning Productions where you play as Petula and as the title suggest that she is Not The Hero meaning she doesn’t has buster sword or super badass skill which most of heroes probably has. Anyway, rather than I talk about the game I have the link to the steam early access so that you can play the game yourself.

In this game development my job is to created the environment for the game, like this screenshot below, the magical ruins. Actually the ruins itself are underground but the lower you go the environment turn into bright sky, because it’s magical.

You Are Not The Hero screenshot

Some Forest Tileset.

Hello guys. Right now I’ve been working on a forest tileset. Here is a mockup on how the forest would look. It’s still work in progress but I will add another object to the tileset. I want the forest to look very dense, lots of vines and bushes.


Open for commission works

Hello guys! It’s been a really long time… I’m trying to catch up with the blog!

Right now I’m opening commission for raising money.
I can do service ranging from game asset such as character art, face set, bust.

The style is anime or manga style. If you guys are interested you can contact me by email at

commissionSome other works


Break from pixel work.

Character design

Hello Everyone! Today I decided to taking a temporary break from pixel work. I got a little tired with pixel work so I gonna relax for a moment and doing something else and hopefully it can refreshing my mind 😀 Also my drawing skill got a bit rusty so I’m gonna take my time to sharpen my skills.

In the meantime you can enjoy my drawing, Albertov Guillan my original character that I design for fun.

Okay, that’s it from me and I  see you next time! Bye~

Desert Tileset

Hello everyone. Now the tile set for desert is finally done, much apologize for the late release.

And here is the tileset:

Desert TileA5desert A5Desert TileB

desert B

Here is some example map:




This Tile set was designed to work best with tall sprite such as Rpg Maker XP sprite. But it can be used by sprite from other makers as well.